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How shoplifters justify theft at supermarket self-service checkouts

For some supermarket customers, the removal of store clerks is a green light for dishonest behaviour.

Crackdown on self-serve checkout theft

Police and supermarkets launch offensive in bid to reduce shrinkage.

Amplify risk to reduce shoplifting

Concept of ‘risk amplification’ identified as most effective shoplifting deterrent method.

Supermarket robber charged

Man pulls knife in Perth supermarket robbery.

Retailers cautioned on Christmas

Retail group urges retailers to take a serious look at their loss prevention strategies.

Theft costing retailers billions

Retail shrinkage on the increase in Australia, with employee theft accounting for almost half losses.

Tap and go fraud rises

Fraudulent tap and go spending sprees affecting the overall crime rate in Vic.

Employees highlight security concerns

Almost one in four employees say their company could be doing more to prevent robbery, theft, and assaults at work.

Bad Santa robs shop

Man dressed as Santa makes off with store’s cash on Christmas Eve.

Franks robbed again

Third Camilla Franks store robbery in a month.