Tap and go fraud rises


smartpay, pos, check out, contactless, credit cardBanks have to act now to stamp out tap and go card fraud after it drove a 48 per cent blowout in deception offences in Victoria, the state’s police minister says.

Police say a rise in deceptions is affecting the overall crime rate in the state, with an increase of about 11,600 deception offences in the past year.

Police attribute the rise to the use of tap and go cards, which allow people to make purchases up to $99 without a PIN or signature.

Police Minister Kim Wells said banks needed to work harder to reduce tap and go spending sprees.

“The banks simply need to do more to crack down on this,” Wells told reporters on Wednesday.

“It’s not good enough for the banks to say, ‘Oh, we’ll cover the costs. Don’t worry about it’.

“That’s just simply not good enough. It’s a policing matter. It’s involving police in it. The banks need to do more.”

Police say tap and go cards are being stolen from mailboxes, handbags and cars, and being used by thieves for days.




  1. Reuben posted on May 30, 2014

    How are they surprised by this, surely they would have predicted a massive surge given the existing signiture fraud? From personal experience, after I was burgled and my wallet stolen, these "days" they refer to in the last line is actually 12 days. That's 12 days after the card was cancelled and all funds removed from the account did they finally stop accepting pay pass transactions on the stolen card. And then its just a *short* 9 week wait for them to reverse the fradulent transactions, all the while they load on the overdrawn fees that the customer must ring every time to get reversed. On top of the banks "we'll cover it" attitude, in my case the theif made the mistake of using the card in a IGA/Superpharm where he also picks up his prescriptions. Despite having video footage, a name and address - police never collected this as the bank (who owns the card) never put through a fraud complaint. Thankfully a single hole punched through the antenna wire that runs around the card disables pay pass permanently without affecting the chip or stripe functions. Is it really that hard for people to remember a 4-8 digit pin?

  2. Derek posted on May 30, 2014

    Why not go the way that Citibank did and put peoples photo's on the actual card. It's a quick and easy way to stop fraud.

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