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International retailers significantly impact local prices: RBA

Overseas players have dramatically reduced prices in Australia, said RBA.

RBA, Coalition “kicking in same direction” to improve spending

Leaders pull economic levers to get consumers spending.

Retail suffers weakest conditions in Australia: RBA

Around 60 per cent of retailers review prices daily or weekly.

Political uncertainty undermines retail confidence

A political quagmire is likely to significantly impact on consumer spending in coming months.

RBA signals rate hike as next move

Reserve Bank reckons rates will lift, but likely not for some time.

RBA cuts interest rate to record low

ARA hopeful RBA’s decision can halt slide in retail sales growth.

Woolworths director resigns

Former Reserve Bank Governor steps down from Woolworths board.

Dollar lower ahead of RBA minutes

Investors looking for indications of RBA’s next move.

Dollar rallies on greenback weakness

Australian dollar hits a high following US dollar sell off overnight.

Dollar range trading

Dollar range-trading as investors await the RBA’s February cash rate decision.