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Officeworks stationery store. Officeworks is a chain of Australian office supplies stores in Australia and the market leader

More retailers offering paid sick leave to casuals

Officeworks joins Woolworths, Kmart and Target in supporting workers during coronavirus.

Takeaway shop under fire

Fair Work launches legal action on regional eatery, following claims it underpaid staff more than $60,000.

Rollercoaster ride isn’t over yet

Many retailers will see a light at the end of the tunnel in 2013, but shouldn’t hope for a miracle, according to Inside Retail’s annual Australian Retail Outlook 2013.

Visual spectacular

First impressions can be lasting, and quality VM can say volumes about a retail store before a customer has even stepped inside the door.

The new luxury

Baffled by fashion? French fashion consultant Jean Jacques Picart can simplify it for you.

Giving back

While some department stores are struggling, Britain’s John Lewis is an example of one getting it right, says Carla Bridge.

The perfect storm

Retailers will face further pain as the impact of global fast fashion giants entering the Australian market is felt.

Just retail it

Jon Bird picks the most innovative retailer on the planet – but is it a retailer?

This is not an airport…

Robert Stockdill takes a look inside Terminal21, possibly the world’s most unique and engaging shopping centre experience in the heart of Bangkok.

Making memories

American Girl educates, empathises and creates an experience for children and their parents. Robert Stockdill looks behind the scenes…