How high-tech, dazzling retail displays are engaging today’s consumers

(Source: Samsung)

As Australian retailers see consumers returning to in-person shopping, the drive to present eye-catching fitouts to a digital-savvy customer base has become critical in strengthening brands and creating unique and immersive shopping experiences. More than anything else, large-scale high-tech dazzling displays are now drawing customers into retail outlets, offering an enhanced shopping experience exposing customers to promotions, deals and a greater range of products than retailers could comfortably fit on shelves.

Now that display technology has become more affordable and the positive, immersive impact of digital displays is resoundingly clear, brands are seeing the advantages of investing more in engaging and entertaining customers – with digital displays and content playing an integral role.

“There is certainly a functional purpose to our retail displays to communicate the latest promotions, daily menus and interactive self-service technology. However, we are seeing more brands investing in impactful digital brand experiences that bring the in-store experience to life. We are helping brands create a seamless journey throughout their stores,” says Phil Gaut, senior director of display and brand memory for Samsung Electronics Australia. “From capturing their attention to taking that first step inside, then educating and showcasing a full range of products and customisable options through to purchase – the displays maintain engagement and deliver an excellent experience throughout.”  

LED is the pinnacle of display technology, delivering high-quality pictures even in brightly-lit store environments, in a durable format with a long lifespan.  Part of its appeal is its potential scale in a market where larger screens are becoming the norm – the latest FutureSource data (released w/c 3 February 2023 comprising Q4 2022 data) shows demand for larger display sizes (beyond 85 inch) drove a 51 per cent growth in digital display sales between 2020 and 2022, and the current surge in orders for customisable ultra-large screen sizes attests to a powerful movement amongst retailers to wow customers in stores.

With ultra-large displays now achievable through joining multiple cabinets to effect a seamless presentation, retailers are now using large LED displays to showcase brand imagery, graphics and video content to create an immersive and memorable environment for customers.

“We’re seeing strong growth across traditional retail,” says Gaut, “with a number of brands like Big W, Uniqlo and Glassons investing in LED technology throughout their store networks.”

The recent partnership between Samsung Pro Display and Melbourne BMW serves as a striking example of how these new display technologies are redefining store environments. Melbourne BMW embraced Samsung Pro Display’s capacity to match the upscale aesthetic of the brand’s flagship store, while still withstanding the challenges of the ambient light filtering into the space.

The result was an outstanding large-scale LED display that served as a central showpiece, presenting engaging content alongside a range of other Samsung digital displays throughout the dealership to create a cohesive and premium overall look and feel. This seamless integration of digital and physical retail has served to create a unique and unforgettable shopping experience for BMW customers, driving both exceptional customer service and sales opportunities.

“The philosophy behind BMW’s new Retail Next strategy was to create a really warm and inviting area for our guests to enjoy and celebrate,” says Daniel Odman, dealer principal at Melbourne BMW. “Samsung helped Melbourne BMW achieve this goal by creating an immersive shopping experience that showcases their vehicles in the best possible light. The high-quality visuals and interactive displays provide customers with a personalised and engaging experience that sets Melbourne BMW apart from our competitors.”

Partnering with Samsung Pro Display as its sole display partner has allowed Melbourne BMW to deliver a cohesive brand experience for customers browsing new or pre-owned vehicles across the BMW, Mini and Motorrad ranges. You can watch this video for further details:

“Our new dealership is the embodiment of confidence in the incredible BMW Group brands we represent and our optimism about the future,” says Odman. “We have created a luxurious and distinctive environment for our guests to enjoy an authentic and premium brand experience. Samsung Pro Display technology has been integral to this.”

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