Choice at the checkout – why it matters

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Consumers have changed. The trend towards using self-service and self-checkout (SCO) options in both retail and hospitality was already strong, but the pandemic sent it soaring.

Global research, conducted by Kantar for Glory Global Solutions, a market leader in retail cash recycling solutions, reveals that 80 per cent of consumers consider it important for retailers to provide a choice of checkout options. The same research found that 47 per cent of consumers choose different checkout options each time.

Not just the big players

Today we are seeing a shift, as smaller stores – convenience and specialist retailers – are undergoing digital transformation of their checkout process. With the large self-checkout devices we are used to in supermarkets, this change would not be feasible due to space constraints. But as the market has evolved, so too has the technology.

The rise of small, modular self-checkout devices is changing the game. These more flexible solutions can be implemented in a variety of ways – free standing, wall mounted, desktop. This means that smaller retailers can now install one or several self-checkout kiosks without a huge physical footprint in their store.

The S22 Lite from Acrelec, a Glory company, is designed to streamline the customer journey by combining checkout and ordering in less than a 0.5 sqm footprint. Built to your space and your customers’ unique journey through it to empower you to make the most of your store layout, this solution works without dedicated supervision, helping free up employees to take on more high-priority tasks. In addition, the S22 Lite can be connected to a smartwatch, allowing for remote management of alerts to manage peak hour traffic and maximise store revenue.

Why limit the self-checkout payment options to electronic payments?

Nine out of 10 consumers in the study also agree that self-checkouts should accept all payment types (cash, card and mobile pay). The emergence of self-checkout technology has been embraced by players in the industry, yet the self-service capability is often limited to electronic payment methods only.

To gain a competitive edge, some retailers have taken an all-inclusive approach, offering customers the flexibility to pay via electronic and cash options at their self-service kiosks. In turn, the company can serve all target audiences, meet their varying payment preferences and not have to set up a separate line just to accept cash payments.

The CI-10X, Glory’s latest cash recycling solution automates cash management processes with real-time monitoring, secure cash handling, and efficient systems to manage all transactions and activities.  It also supports integrated withdrawals (cash out) functions, doubling as an ATM to provide added convenience to shoppers, while saving precious storefront space. 

All in one transaction

Pair Glory’s CI-10X with the S22 Lite for a compact and flexible self-payment solution that is designed to be customised, installed, and left alone to work. 

Download the full report, or learn more about the solutions here.