Earthletica teams with Modern Meadow to create world-first Bio-Alloy jacket

Earthletica teams with Modern Meadow to create world-first Bio-Alloy jacket
(Source: Earthletica)

Sustainable activewear brand Earthletica has joined forces with bio-material maker Modern Meadow to develop an eco-friendly jacket named after its co-founder, Bronte Campbell, a competitive swimmer and Olympic gold medalist.

The lightweight Bronte Jacket is crafted from 100 per cent recycled nylon and coated with Bio-Alloy Shield, a plant-based waterproof membrane free from PFAS/PFC. It also features an Airystring Zipper, a tape-free zipper that can be reused in any piece of clothing. 

PFAS/PFC (Polyfluoroalkyl) is a harmful and highly fluorinated chemical commonly found in consumer products due to its oil, stain, and water-repellent properties.

David Williamson, president and COO of Modern Meadow, said teaming up with Earthletica exemplifies the company’s resolve to create a more sustainable future through biomaterials. 

“We see performance and sustainability as an Olympic sport,” he continued. “Just like athletes train to win gold medals, we constantly research and innovate to find real-world solutions to the fashion industry’s environmental challenges.”

Bio-Alloy Shield is made through Modern Meadow’s Bio-Alloy platform, a proprietary system that combines select proteins with bio-based polymers to produce a variety of materials that are more sustainable than their conventional counterparts. 

Instead of using toxic materials, the proteins provide the channel for moisture to move through the material, offering flexibility while remaining waterproof. 

Campbell emphasised that Modern Meadow’s focus on innovation and sustainability aligned with Earthletica’s ethos.

“I see this collaboration on the Bronte Jacket as the start of a long-term relationship to achieve other ‘world firsts’ together, even after the Olympics,” she concluded.

The Bronte Jacket will make its debut as Campbell wears it at this year’s Olympic Trials, which will take place later this month.

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