Datalogic relaunches Gryphon GD4500 with ergonomic upgrade and performance boost

Technology company Datalogic has revamped and relaunched its Gryphon GD4500 2D scanner with faster performance and new ergonomic styling to reduce operator fatigue.

Designed for both food and non-food retail environments, the new generation Gryphon comes in a choice of pure black and pure white and its elegant, trendy design make it well suited to any modern, sophisticated store or restaurant environment.  

Of course, accuracy and speed are paramount for any hand-held point-of-sale scanner, and here is where the Gryphon excels: the 1 megapixel sensor provides a higher resolution, better reading performance and increased depth of field, making it a natural fit with the newest POS systems. The higher resolution of bar code acquisition helps speed the image capture, enabling value-added applications and providing multiple functions in a single device for a higher return on investment.

The dedicated optics specifically designed and uniquely tailored for the Gryphon, exploit a megapixel sensor and distinctive technology with highly visible warm-white illumination to achieve outstanding omnidirectional reading performance.

Millions of Gryphon scanners have been sold around the world since Datalogic launched the first edition in 2009. Retailers will find this latest model is significantly lighter than its predecessor and slightly smaller, making it more comfortable for operators and speeding up the checkout process. 

Because of the increased motion tolerance, codes placed on fast-moving objects can be easily and quickly captured, creating the ideal hand held scanner for tasks requiring high throughput.

The Gryphon GD4500 imager uses Datalogic’s MotionixTM motion-sensing technology which detects the natural actions of the operator to automatically switch the scanner into the desired scanning mode. This technology works with or without the use of a stand, offering more operational choices. Both the aimer and sensor can be programmed to suit the retailer’s desired preferences.

Whether used in department or specialty stores, in hyper stores or supermarkets, convenience stores or grocers, the Gryphon GD4500 scanner fits almost any retail in-store requirement for POS checkout.

A specialised model with red illumination provides the ultimate Digimarc® Barcode reading, as Digital Watermarking has become a new reality for top retailers.

The Gryphon GD4500 product series from Datalogic represents the premium level of hand-held scanners for retail applications. 

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