ShipStation bolsters Aussie merchants with major platform enhancements

(Source: Bigstock.)

ShipStation, a global leading provider of shipping software solutions, has announced its continued investment in the Australian market.

The company is set to unveil a series of product enhancements tailored to match its industry-leading capabilities in the US. These enhancements include the introduction of checkout rates, shipping strategies, auto-split, ODBC support and custom labels. Such advancements aim to amplify retailer efficiencies, particularly benefiting organisations that handle more than 7500 parcels monthly.

The implementation of these capabilities represents a significant game-changer for businesses, offering substantial time savings and improving dispatch speeds. This, in turn, ensures fast and reliable delivery experiences – a crucial factor in meeting customer expectations in today’s competitive e-commerce landscape.

In addition to its commitment to the Australian market, ShipStation will introduce a series of new capabilities this year. Retailers can anticipate two major product releases, the first slated for the coming months. This release will include additional features for the high-volume plan, designed to streamline fulfilment processes and offer comprehensive delivery options for organisations with high delivery volumes.

“From checkout to last-mile and the automation in between, we are thrilled to finally arm Aussie merchants with the tools they need to meet their customer’s expectations and eliminate the complexities of managing fulfilment for their growing businesses,” said David Boyer, ANZ VP and GM.

“Additionally, we have invested in extensive research and customer interviews to identify pain points hindering retailers’ success. The resulting comprehensive product changes aim to address these pain points, with the first wave of new developments set to roll out globally later this year.”

ShipStation’s focus on product enhancement comes at a pivotal time in the e-commerce landscape. According to the Delivery Benchmark Report, successful retailers will be those agile enough to optimise their fulfilment engines to provide varied delivery services and channels. With consumers increasingly adopting an omnichannel approach to both purchase and post-purchase behaviour, it’s crucial for retailers to cater to their diverse needs.

The report highlights that 74 per cent of consumers seek home delivery, while 26 per cent prefer out-of-home delivery options. To accommodate these preferences, ShipStation will soon offer rates at checkout and shipping strategies, enabling consumers to choose their preferred delivery method at the point of purchase.

Furthermore, post-purchase behaviour also underscores the importance of flexibility in fulfilment options. Thirty per cent of consumers wish to pick up their orders in-store, 24 per cent prefer in-store returns, 27 per cent opt for drop-off points, and 19 per cent prefer online returns. Recognising the significance of providing multiple return options, ShipStation is dedicated to facilitating a seamless and flexible returns process for retailers and consumers alike.

To enhance visibility and reach, retailers are encouraged to explore listing their products across multiple channels and leverage social media for increased discoverability. ShipStation offers unmatched channel integrations across stores and marketplaces to ease the management of multiple channels, enabling retailers to seamlessly expand their reach and engage with consumers at various touchpoints.

ShipStation’s continued investment in Australia underscores its commitment to empowering retailers with cutting-edge shipping solutions. By introducing a suite of enhancements tailored to match its industry-leading capabilities, ShipStation aims to drive efficiency, reliability, and consistency across e-commerce operations, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and facilitating business growth.