A David v Goliath showdown unfolds: Emerging toy company defying industry titans

(Source: BMS Brands)

From modest beginnings in the world of book trading to curating a diverse array of brands, including the recent sensation, Kazaang, BMS Brands has epitomised the spirit of the underdog since its inception. 

The latest triumph of Kazaang, introduced last October, has rapidly ascended to the spotlight, culminating in the prestigious Kids’ Choice Award for its groundbreaking electric water guns this year. Embark on a journey with us as we explore their remarkable narrative of resilience, innovation, and triumph against all odds. Learn more 

“City Beach Australia has recently built a strong relationship with BMS Brands,” explains Reece Foster, menswear accessory buyer at City Beach Australia.

“We are excited about its range of products, especially within the Kazaang brand. We feel BMS offers a unique product range that is innovative within this market. Its current range of products is strong and continually growing to adapt to the needs and wants of the consumer. As a supplier, BMS is a joy to work with. I look forward to continuing to build our relationship with BMS brands and to build an even stronger range of products from its offering,” concluded Foster. 

Embarking on a journey 

BMS Brands all began with Construct It toys, an emblem of innovation poised to challenge the longstanding giant, Meccano. The range’s remarkable success transcended borders, with over 1 million kits sold worldwide, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s narrative. However, amidst its triumphs, Puzzle Master emerged as the next venture, bringing forth the perennial challenge of balancing quality and affordability, all while striving for unrivalled excellence. Despite the hurdles, the company managed to sell over 500,000 puzzles domestically in a short time.

Then came Scribbles Stationery, the silent achiever, consistently surpassing expectations. From the groundbreaking 60-artist pencils in a tin, which garnered over 600,000 units sold, to a range of notepads, bookmarks, and other products, BMS’s dedication to quality and value remains steadfast, a true testament to its enduring legacy in catering to the diverse needs of the market. Learn more 

“BMS Brands continue to impress with their groundbreaking innovation and development strategies, creating a new standard for industry excellence,” says Nicholas Croydon, CEO at QBD Books.

Forward momentum 

In an ever-evolving global market landscape, companies must continuously push the boundaries of innovation to maintain a competitive edge. For BMS Brands, the horizon brims with potential, heralding the introduction of two groundbreaking divisions.

This coming May, the company unveiled two novel ventures poised to redefine the realms of children’s entertainment and adult crafting. Enter Magic Sensory, the latest addition to the BMS Brands repertoire, poised to revolutionise children’s sensory experiences. With products meticulously crafted to spark imagination and engage the senses, Magic Sensory promises to captivate young minds and foster developmental growth.

Simultaneously, the company proudly announces the launch of ArtzStyle, its pioneering adult craft division. Anchored in principles of creativity, self-expression, and relaxation, ArtzStyle provides a sanctuary for adults to explore their artistic potential freely. From DIY kits to specialised crafting tools, ArtzStyle caters to every level of crafter, empowering individuals to unleash their creativity with abandon.

These valiant endeavours underscore BMS Brands’ unwavering commitment to innovation and diversification, catering to the unique needs and interests of both young and adult audiences. 

“Through the expansion of our portfolio, we aim to cement our position as a trailblazer in the realms of sensory play and crafting experiences,” says a spokesperson.

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