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Stuart Bennie

Stuart Bennie is an experienced consultant with extensive background across retail, wholesale and IT. Having worked throughout the world, he has a global perspective on what drives business. Stuart has been a regular columnist with Inside Retail since 2011.


Beg forgiveness

You must take calculated risks to succeed and yet many retailers do not foster this culture.

Discount fatigue

It has been around for many years but is getting worse and now become endemic.

The heart and soul of David Jones

The move to Melbourne will indeed change the DJ soul – for the better.

Game changer?

It is seldom that something totally new and significant happens in retail.

Retail despair

How can a retailer ignore its customers and still be in business?

Belly up

So why are so many retailers in strife?

The future of retail is the end of wholesale

The war between online and offline is not over, it has only just begun.

Diversify – but don’t die

Richard Branson has some wise words of advice for retailers.

Sales staff on the way out

Will 2017 be the year where tech replaces staff?

2016 in hindsight

Stuart Bennie looks at how his predictions fared for the year, pens a letter to the treasurer.

Weightings – a misconception

Are you using weightings? If so, stop.

Are you a retail ostrich?

Are you a stupid retailer with your head in the dark?

The grim retail reaper

Our obsession with year on year growth is under fire and CEOs need to front up to the board and tell them like it is.

Adopt fads at your own risk

Do retailers truly need to adopt the latest trends and technologies bandied about by ‘experts’?

The scourge of cyber attacks

Do retailers actually fathom the seriousness and threat of data hacking?

Why omnichannel will die

The real reason omnichannel will die a slow and gruesome death is that customers will reject it.

Retail and predictive analytics

Stuart Bennie on the ‘crystal balling’ postulated by predictive analytics companies.

The makings of a great retail CEO

What are the key ingredients that combine to make a great retail CEO in 2016?

Black money in retail

Instead of trying to lower the low value import threshold, should government instead be focusing on black money tax evasion?

Bernie Brookes and Edcon – one-year scorecard

Stuart Bennie analyses Bernie Brookes’ first 12 months at the helm of South African retailer, Edcon.


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