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Barry Urquhart


Advertising – misused and abused

How the function of advertising is often misunderstood when it is not ‘working’.

The power to say ‘yes’

Why regular audits of B2B relationships, communication channels and logistic infrastructure is prudent for retailers.

When price alone is not the answer

Why retail marketers need to understand the crucial role emotions play in purchasing decisions.

Turning losses into profits

How losses can be turned into profit with tactful marketing communications.

80:20 rule myth shattered

Recent study shatters widely-held contention that successful retail businesses generate 80 per cent of revenue from repeat and referral transactions.

Good advertising is no laughing matter

When it comes to commerce, sales and revenue, humour is often the most effective tool.

There are no shortcuts to success

Why initiatives aimed at cutting costs are proving to be false economies for retailers.

Sales events impacting brand integrity

Are retailers shooting themselves in the foot with excessive sales activities?

Aldi launches in Western Australia

Aldi’s long-awaited arrival in Western Australia this week puts Coles and Woolworths on notice.

Sensory perception in customer experience

Analysing the key roles that shape, colour, texture, sound and taste play in customer experience.

Reduce choice to increase sales

Why too much of a good thing can be a bad thing for retail sales.


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