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Penalty rate cut to hurt regional workers

Rural communities to be hit hardest by possible reduction in penalty rates for retail workers, study finds.

Cafe in hot water over wages

Perth cafe deducts staff pay for burnt food.

La Porchetta pay under review

Pay packets of La Porchetta employees to be reviewed.

Wage appeal overturned

Junior wage rate increase to start from next month following Federal Court ruling.

WA’s minimum wage increase

WA’s Industrial Relations Commission will increase full time adult minimum wage and state awards.

La Porchetta franchisee fined

Owner of two La Porchetta outlets fined more than $334,000 for paying employees with pizza and soft drink.

Wage rise to hit retailer’s hip pocket

Retailers to suffer as lowest paid workers to get an increased weekly wage.

Penalty rate cut for hospitality

In an interesting case which may foretell the fortunes of the retail industry, hospitality workers have had Sunday penalty rates cut.

Restaurant under fire over pay

Former restaurant owner fined more than $40,000 for deliberately underpaying two employees.

Wage increase a blow to retailers

Higher wages for workers under 21 years of age could hurt both retailers and young people seeking work, says retail industry.