RIP paper receipts: A new era of in-store customer experience

(Source: Slyp)

Paper receipts are so 2021. A digitised era for Australian bricks-and-mortar retailers is here, and it’s transforming the customer experience by sending receipts directly to their bank app. 

Shifting away from paper receipts to Smart Receipts will enable retailers to turn the end of a transaction into the beginning of a personalised conversation. Being able to send itemised tax compliant receipts straight to a customer’s bank app enables smarter commerce, all while taking a positive step towards greater sustainability.

The Smart Receipt is brimming with opportunities for Australian retailers to deliver a more streamlined and personalised customer journey.  Ecommerce experienced a dizzying 57-per-cent growth during the pandemic, and bricks-and-mortar retailers are turning to technology to bridge the gap between in-store and online experience. 

Smart Receipt momentum

The humble paper receipt has held brick-and-mortar businesses back for far too long. They will become a thing of the past, and probably sooner than you might expect.

Many of Australia’s best-known retailers, including Cue, Mitre 10 and Chemist Warehouse are leading the way, as some of the first to offer their customers Smart Receipts. Customers can receive Smart Receipts from over 850 retail stores and hospitality venues across Australia, delivered directly in the banking app and via SMS, allowing for convenient access from their mobile phones. 

NAB is the first to deploy the feature for their app users, with other top tier banks and buy-now-pay-laters due to follow soon. In the same way contactless quickly became the preferred method of payment, Smart Receipts will become essential rather than optional for retailers. 

Frictionless customer journey

As traditional shoppers moved online during the pandemic, they’ve become accustomed to the level of personalisation that e-commerce provides.

Smart Receipts allow you to offer that same level of service, making more customers your best customers. Designed for businesses to deliver a more valuable customer experience, offering personalised experiences to draw shoppers in without appearing intrusive.

The primary function of receipts in the past has been to facilitate returns. Since payments today are smart and seamless, why aren’t returns? In a customer-centric, data-driven world, customers should not be left to deal with the burden of paper receipts, but retailers need to take the initiative to make the process as slick and easy as possible.

Sustainability is the key to business success

If retailers were to ditch printing receipts altogether, as a nation we could save approximately 1.5 million trees, 249 billion litres of water, and 4.5 billion litres of oil in just one year. Smart Receipts provide a simple and effective solution to the waste created by harmful, non-recyclable thermal paper receipts which end up in landfills. 

Giving your customer a receipt that reflects your company’s values and sustainability goals is an opportunity to evolve your customer base. 

With Gen Z becoming a more prominent part of the workforce, their buying power is also growing on the high street. As a generation that takes a far stronger stance on environmental issues than any preceding it, the onus is on retailers to ensure they offer an experience that matches customer expectations.

A small change to make a big difference

Retailers have an opportunity to adopt a solution that’s better suited for today and tomorrow’s consumers. Your business can reduce the amount of waste it generates, while customers receive a convenient and interactive Smart Receipt, that’s better for the environment and lives in their banking app for as long as they need it – everyone wins.

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