Xpresso Mobile Café takes on Melbourne

unnamedQueensland-based, Xpresso Mobile Café, will enter one of Australia’s most competitive coffee markets this week, launching its first Melbourne franchise.

“Australians already have a high coffee IQ, however Melbourne takes it to another level,” said Jonathan Payne, MD at Xpresso Mobile Café.

“Our motto at Xpresso Mobile Café is that every cup that leaves one of our vans is perfect however the room for error in Melbourne is that much smaller! We only get one shot at delivering that perfect cup. That’s it. Luckily we think only need that one chance.”

Melbourne’s first Xpresso Mobile Café will operate in the Braeside region and the company plans to open another five franchises by the end of 2016.

“The Xpresso Mobile Coffee brand was established in 2002, but today is a business that little resembles the original model,” said Payne.

“We have had to see ourselves through evolutions to develop into the mature franchise system we are today.”

Under Payne’s stewardship the business has completely reworked and road-tested the franchise system, upgraded the coffee vans to Mercedes Benz vehicles, refined the product offering, and secured all aspects of the brand.

With 17 current franchisees and a plan to grow to more than 23 by the end of 2015, the privately-owned Xpresso Mobile Café brand has become more than a solid business offering.

“The future for mobile coffee is all about quality,” said Payne.

“Your average Australian knows what a quality espresso coffee should taste like. Much of the industry is simply not at this standard and that is where Xpresso Mobile Café has reset the benchmark.”


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