Target pulls inappropriate Anzac items

Target-centre-webTarget Australia has pulled three products baring the Anzac logo from its shelves after the Department of Veterans’ Affairs deemed them inappropriate.

The three items, including a foam can holder, a beanie, and a children’s hoodie, are from a 26 product Camp Gallipoli range, and were deemed inappropriate as they bore no reference to Camp Gallipoli, only Anzac.

This follows a marketing ploy by Woolworths last week, which saw the supermarket giant narrowly avoid a $50,000 fine for its misuse of the Anzac.

Woolworths apologised after its Anzac commemoration website caused social media outrage by inviting users to share war tributes under the slogan “fresh in our memories”.

The site was taken down last Tuesday night after receiving widespread criticism on social networking site Twitter, with users labelling the marketing stunt crass and insulting to Australian diggers.

Veterans Affairs Minister, Michael Ronaldson, gave Woolworths a slap on the wrist for using the “potent symbol” without permission and for commercial purposes.

Target was approached by Camp Gallipoli last year to be a merchandise partner for its event. Camp Gallipoli is endorsed by the Anzac Centenary Committee, the RSL, Legacy, and the Federal Government, and funds raised from the event will be donated to the RSL and Legacy.

Target has issued a statement regarding the Camp Gallipoli merchandise, saying: “We certainly did not become a partner to promote our own brand or profit in any way from the event.”

“Given this broad level of support and the philanthropic, educational focus of the event, we felt it was the right thing to do to become a supporter. We certainly did not become a partner to promote our own brand or profit in any way from the event,” said the statement.

“We acted in good faith and close consultation with Camp Gallipoli to develop the merchandise range and ensure the products were appropriate and respectful. All Target profits from the sale of these products will be donated to the Camp Gallipoli Foundation. We’ve been advised that a small number of Camp Gallipoli products do not meet the agreed branding guidelines, and so we have taken prompt action to remove these products from sale.”

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