Hungry Jack’s cashes in on rival campaign


Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 11.31.01 AMHungry Jack’s is attempting to commandeer McDonald’s Monopoly promotion by encouraging McDonald’s customers to redeem prize coupons at Hungry Jack’s stores instead.

It’s a cheeky tactic which may just work, and has so far netted Hungry Jack’s plenty of attention through the brazen strategy.

Hungry Jack’s has launched its own website to counter the popular McDonald’s promotion – Flame their Mcopoly – and gives McDonald’s customers to redeem McDonald’s food prizes for a similar product at Hungry Jack’s stores, with no questions asked.

McDonald’s Monopoly is a promotion run by the fast food franchise on a regular basis, and gives customers free product coupons and Monopoly property stickers, which must be matched to a traditional Monopoly board in order to win larger prizes.

According to McDonald’s, one in four Monopoly stickers is a winner, with a chance to win $1 million on a Big Mac, as well as other prizes including free McDonald’s food, Red Room DVD product, cash, and other prizes from 30 brands and retailers.

Both competitions run until November 4, with Hungry Jack’s website boasting that “Real flame-grilled taste, like air, is vital to life. No one should be denied it – our friends, our family and all Australians. So redeem your FREE tickets* at Hungry Jack’s instead, because everyone deserves a better flame-grilled burger”.

Nicely played Hungry Jack’s. We at Inside Shopper can’t wait to see what McDonald’s comes back with.

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McDonalds Monopoly




  1. Andy Wilson posted on September 23, 2014

    People still have to buy McDonalds products to get the stickers, but McDonalds don't have to give away free products. Hungry Jacks do give away free products, even though they didn't make the original sale. McDonalds must be saying "I'm loving it"!

  2. Clunking Fist posted on September 24, 2014

    "We at Inside Shopper can’t wait to see what McDonald’s comes back with." McD's could come back with: "LOLZ" "HJ are dumber than a sack full of hammers" "I dare you to redeem our vouchers! I double dare you!" "Now: have ya thunk this one through? Carefully, I mean? Have ya?"

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