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Jemma Caprioli


Jemma Caprioli is chief customer officer at Dashing, an integrated provider of retail technology and print solutions.


A coronavirus Christmas tale

Contributor Jemma Caprioli considers how the global pandemic will impact the most important on the retail calendar.

As we connect online, are we losing connection offline?

In the new reality of queues, delays and regulations, retailers must find ways to revitalise shopping.

China: A window into a post-pandemic world

As Chinese consumers tiptoe back into stores, what can Australian retailers learn from their journey?

What will the post COVID-19 store look like?

A peek into the future of retail.

The freshest retail trends in Asia

From QR codes to meaningful gifts with purchase, here are some of the latest trends to come out of Asia at the moment.

Travel diary: 5 cool stores in Asia

Our contributor shares key highlights from a recent trip to Tokyo and Shanghai.

It’s not me, it’s you

Why your customer is breaking up with you.

Consumer experience in retail’s next-generation

Retailers urged to embrace ‘new age’ of omnichannel marketing models.


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