A courier that waits

shopping, fashion, shirtA Netherlands-based online retailer, JeansOnline, is giving customers 15 minutes to try on items and instantly return any that don’t fit.

Customers selecting items from the online store choose the Easy Fit & Return service when checking out.

The option costs 9.95 Euro and is free for orders over 250 Euro.

Upon delivery, postal couriers wait up to 15 minutes for customers to try on the goods.

Any items they’d like to return can be handed back to the courier for automatic refund.

This saves the price of postage for the consumer and eliminates the need for an extra trip to send the items back.

For consumers, one of the most irritating parts of ordering clothes online is the disappointment if they don’t fit.

Processing the subsequent returns can also provide a headache for businesses.

Evidently, the service isn’t a perfect solution for everybody, and the company does offer a traditional delivery service alongside Easy Fit & Return.

This option is good for consumers who may prefer to spend more time thinking about whether their purchase is right.

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  1. William Smith posted on April 29, 2014

    Great idea for clients who are home bound ,however for those that are able to go out and do their shopping and use this service all I can say is they are lazy

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