Four reasons to become a dropship supplier in Australia

(Source: Dropshipzone)

Are you ready to sell through other channels? It’s easier and smarter than it seems to become a dropship supplier in Australia.

Dropshipzone is a solution for traditional suppliers scaling across stores. But it’s also a solution for retailers wanting to sell products through other retailers.

If you’re selling online, you could be a dropship supplier. It’s that simple.

We’ve recapped four reasons why you should consider becoming a dropship supplier.

  1. More sales channels

The number of possible sales channels largely depends on the size of the marketplace that you’re working on. With Dropshipzone, you can instantly introduce your product to thousands of businesses. Suppliers have gone from one distribution channel to hundreds within a couple of months. Other retailers will come to marketplaces to help source your products, saving the time and effort of scrolling through individual websites.

  1. Save money

Compared to driving traffic to your own website, customer acquisition costs are low. With marketing spending at all-time highs for e-commerce businesses, it pays to know that customer acquisition costs can be virtually non-existent on Dropshipzone. This frees up budget to focus elsewhere or on other channels while driving sales in a brand new channel. 

  1. Save time

If your products are listed on a B2B2C marketplace, all you really have to do is wait. There will always be a few things you have to manage, such as processing orders and customer service. However, in general, the hard work is done on your behalf. Consider the B2B2C marketplace a virtual department store. With good products at good prices, you’ve got your products on show in the window, making browsing for other retailers a breeze. 

  1. A channel for any product

Because dropshipping is less risky for retailers, as they don’t hold the inventory, they are more likely to experiment with their offerings. This means your slow-moving and off-season inventory can still perform well on a B2B2C marketplace. This mitigates seasonality while keeping sales ticking and inventory levels in check. There’s something for everyone and a channel for any product.

Make ship happen with Dropshipzone

What’s next? If you hold stock in Australia, you can become a supplier on Dropshipzone. You’re set up for order fulfilment, shipping, delivery and returns. Now all you need to do is list your products and watch the sales roll in. 

If you’re looking for a new channel that opens you up to potentially thousands of channels, Dropshipzone is the answer. 

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