How Pack & Send solves online retailers’ biggest pain point: logistics

Nicholas Woodward, country manager for Pack & Send Australia. (Source: Pack & Send)

For retailers selling products online across multiple markets on- and off-shore, selecting shipping partners can be a significant pain point in time, cost and convenience.

Pack & Send, Australia’s most-recognised parcel courier and freight delivery reseller, has taken away that stress, by consolidating the services of the world’s top parcel and freight carriers into a single online access point under a single brand, Pack & Send.

Better still, by using Pack & Send as a third-party partner, retailers can avoid committing capital to structure their entire order fulfilment process – they need only pay for the services used after they are provided.

“We save our customers time, trouble and money on all their shipping needs,” explains Nicholas Woodward, country manager for Pack & Send Australia. “We take the hassle out of shipping by streamlining order processes across multiple partners and we save retailers money on logistics by using multi-carrier and smart shipping solutions.

“Pack & Send’s vast franchise network of shipping specialists means retailers do not face the hard work of trying to navigate the complex world of logistics – they can just leave it to the experts. We can help you choose the right service with the right packaging solution to deliver the best experience for your customers,” continues Woodward.

Pack & Send enables retailers and e-commerce businesses to automate their entire shipping processes, all backed by Pack & Send’s award-winning customer service and national network of service centres.

By offering 3PL and order fulfilment solutions, through our Pack & Send Live platform, we ultimately offer customers a one-stop shop, including storage, pick and pack and bundling, and inventory management. Smart packing solutions take weight and dimensions into account to achieve the best shipping experience. “We are a full-service solution – we do it all,” says Woodward.

“We provide customers with multi-carrier solutions for local delivery, domestic and international – all through a single platform with a simplified invoice process.”

Order fulfilment can be managed through one location or scaled across multiple service centres of Pack & Send’s more than 125 locations nationwide. Micro-fulfilment options are also available.

The Pack & Send Live shipping platform is also easily budgeted for: there are no subscription fees or minimum charges for the technology and customers pay only for the storage space their goods occupy and the services they choose to use.

That, combined with the company’s nationwide partner network, allows retailers to expand their business throughout Australia without needing brick-and-mortar stores or multiple warehouse facilities.

And while Pack & Send’s e-commerce shipping platform Pack & Send Live makes order shipping easy, the award-winning customer experience provided by the company’s national network sets the company apart from its rivals.

Australian customers receive Australian-based customer service, technical support and account management, backed by more than 30 years of logistics and freight handling experience and expertise.

“There are no limits,” says Woodward. “Our expertise and willingness to go above and beyond for our customers make what we do stand out from the other solution providers, such as those who offer only carrier services, or shipping platforms that are purely technology-based without customer support and flexibility.”

The Pack & Send Live platform is cloud-based and can be easily integrated with a retailer’s e-commerce website to enable seamless shipping of online orders. The retailer’s customers can even experience a retailer-branded interface where customers can track their orders, delivering a seamless brand experience for their online shoppers.

Founded in 1993, Pack & Send is a leading courier and freight reseller, servicing customers with value-add solutions for both outbound and inbound parcels. The company brings services to its customers through a network of service centres, logistics fulfilment centres, call centre, online courier booking systems and online retail integrations.

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