APPMA 2024 Packaging Design Innovation Award winner revealed

The APPMA Packaging Design Innovation Award is a prestigious prize given in recognition of achievement in the Australian packaging and processing industry.

The award celebrates innovation, leadership, and best practices on the part of the winner, as well as the outstanding design elements that they have introduced in their packaging. 

Ranpak is proud to have sponsored the 2024 APPMA Packaging Design Innovation Award. We extend our congratulations to this year’s winner, Detpak, for its remarkable Kerbside Recyclable Paper Bag designed for fresh potatoes.

Ranpak is especially proud to share this award in light of the sustainable nature of its innovative solution, which is in line with our own focus on sustainable paper packaging. For years, Ranpak has been committed to creating innovative packaging solutions that combine functional expertise and design sensibility.

Our journey began in a garage in Ohio where we developed the first paper dunnage machine, which we affectionately called “the washing machine” due to its physical size and rectangular proportions. Since then, we have made significant strides in our design innovation.

The story of our paper innovations began in the early 1970’s, but as markets have evolved Ranpak has continued to respond to the necessity for new products. In the early 2000s in response to the growth of e-commerce and the increasingly common use of plastic air bubbles as high-speed void fill, we created a fan-fold system that allowed paper to compete.

A key innovation was replacing a roll fed system with a fanfold system to increase the speed and efficiency of our paper converters. We also created a unique triangular profile for our Trident line that can conserve around 20 per cent of the paper needed to fill a void.

In the 2010s, we developed the Cut’it! Evo right-sizing solution, which is our flagship automation product. This machine automatically reduces carton heights to their highest point of filling, enabling much more than just right-size packaging and better unboxing. By capturing critical operational information, our automation solutions provide a scalable foundation for increased productivity through the end-of-line in the warehouse.

Our latest innovation within our automation product portfolio is the Cut’it! Evo Multi-Lid system, which allows multi-brand fulfillment centers to automate branding on up to four unique lid designs through a single packaging line, dramatically cutting down the floor space required to manage high-complexity fulfillment. As 3PLs develop further as key players in global logistics, our innovations are designed to provide them with the flexibility they need, as well as other e-commerce shippers who can benefit from multiple branded package options. 

At Ranpak, we believe that the best innovations are those that serve the customer by creating delightful new elements in the packaging experience. They challenge the status quo, ensure product safety, and present products in their best light.