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How AI can help predict the post-coronavirus future

Retailers are struggling to survive in the current climate, but AI could be a lifeline.

Time is money: Hidden costs of website crashes

Increased online investment by retailers has not prevented expensive e-commerce failures.

The age of convergent CX

Longer dwell times and repeat visitation in-store are more possible than ever before – if a retailer gets their store design right.

Fraud’s migration: Criminals target online

Retailers run the risk of sanctions and losing customers for non-compliance with new regulations.

Prepare or perish: Food recall complexities

Partner content: When is it too late to fix a bad situation?

Failure to comply: endemic underpayment

Partner content: Why is it so difficult for retailers to pay employees correctly?

Woolworths and Kmart headline retailers launching at M-City in Monash

Partner content: Growing catchment attracts big names ahead of launch.

Total recall: financial risk and ruin

When things go wrong, poor internal procedures can damage a retail organisation.

Precursor to profitability: the real art of retailing

Retailers don’t need to rely on discounting or lowest price positions for growth.

Leading manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers make food waste into fertiliser

Businesses are making significant reductions in food wastage.

Resourceful retail: Changing for the future

How new trends are changing the retail workforce.

Auto focus: Retail’s fast future

How automation can help retailers optimise their supply chains.


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