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6 ways to manage the new normal in retail

PARTNER CONTENT: When it comes to creating an effective strategy in the current climate, retailers need to look beyond just the next month or so.

Image of Chadstone shopping centre

5 post-pandemic property tips for retailers

Many businesses are revisiting their store networks. Here’s what they should consider.

How to manage a coronavirus outbreak in your store

PARTNER CONTENT: SafetyCulture shares tips for retailers on how to create a management plan in case of a coronavirus outbreak in their stores.

Four myths you need to know about energy efficiency

A high-level energy and sustainability roadmap means businesses can adopt a considered and coordinated approach to energy and sustainability investment.

How to capture today’s post-pandemic customer

PARTNER CONTENT: From panic buying to the continuing rise of online retail during the peak of the pandemic, the rule book on customer behaviour has officially been thrown out.

Image of Asian woman wearing face mask while shopping.

Here’s what retailers can learn from astronauts and brain surgeons

Using checklists and creating a culture of safety are proven ways to operate in high-risk industries.

Delivery COVID

Welcome back: 4 tips for reopening stores

Thinking of reopening your stores? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Back to basics: E-commerce 101

Simplifying the complex in commerce technology strengthens foundation in business.

Image of a cityscape with dropped pins pointing to the best store locations

So you’re thinking of reopening your stores?

A network plan provides a clear road map of where to open to target your customer base.

How to successfully pivot into e-commerce within weeks

Marketplacer outlines how it has helped businesses flip the switch.

How to make remote leadership work for you – and your team

Welcome to the new world of work in the time of coronavirus.

How AI can help predict the post-coronavirus future

Retailers are struggling to survive in the current climate, but AI could be a lifeline.

Time is money: Hidden costs of website crashes

Increased online investment by retailers has not prevented expensive e-commerce failures.

The age of convergent CX

Longer dwell times and repeat visitation in-store are more possible than ever before – if a retailer gets their store design right.

Fraud’s migration: Criminals target online

Retailers run the risk of sanctions and losing customers for non-compliance with new regulations.

Prepare or perish: Food recall complexities

Partner content: When is it too late to fix a bad situation?

Failure to comply: endemic underpayment

Partner content: Why is it so difficult for retailers to pay employees correctly?

Woolworths and Kmart headline retailers launching at M-City in Monash

Partner content: Growing catchment attracts big names ahead of launch.

Total recall: financial risk and ruin

When things go wrong, poor internal procedures can damage a retail organisation.

Precursor to profitability: the real art of retailing

Retailers don’t need to rely on discounting or lowest price positions for growth.


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