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Shareholder groups oppose JB Hi-Fi’s remuneration report

The ASA and ISS will vote against the report at next week’s AGM.

Myer cuts board fees, exec salaries

The move has only served to rankle Premier Investments chair Solomon Lew.

Domino’s boss “welcomes” CEO pay transparency plan

Don Meij backs Labor plan to keep CEO pay packets in check.

CEO pay is more about white male entitlement than value for money

Do CEOs really add so much to a company that they deserve these gargantuan salaries?

The uproar over executive pay isn’t entirely warranted

Trends in executive compensation are consistent with fundamental economic forces.

Can the grim reality of published pay ratios really curb executive pay?

There has always been something inherently grubby about the executive pay debate.

Short-term outlooks the real killer of Australian innovation

What’s really blocking innovation is the short-term view of senior executives, according to academics.