Yes, you can catch insanity

Angry, frustratedThere is an invisible line, which when crossed, takes us from the realms of reality and sanity to the depths of depravity and frenetic psychosis.

Are we as retailers exposing ourselves to possibly catching insanity?

And if you believe that you cannot catch insanity please click here.

What lead me to this question was a recent article entitled “How to use neuro-psychological insights to create a more successful online presence”. This article went on to use words I have never heard of such as “emotionalising”. And that prompted me to research what emotionalising actually means.

You will be fascinated to learn that the hypothesised two-factor structure of an affective alexithymia dimension (Emotionalising, Fantasising) and a cognitive alexithymia dimension (Insight and Verbalising), with “Analysing emotions” loading on both factors, is clearly supported by confirmatory factor analyses (CFA).

And so my trusted colleague who is the author of the article on neuro-psycholgical insights now has something else to chew on. Please keep yourself glued to the internet. You will doubtless be amazed in the very near future about affective alexithymia dimensions.

Ask any real trader what retail is about. The world is full of them. In Australia, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Transnistria, Kiribati, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to mention but a few. You will find some of these traders to be really wealthy and successful.

No they don’t have websites. Nor do they use neuro-psychological insights. They probably don’t know what neuro or psychological even mean let alone insights.

Are we going quite mad?

Have we totally lost the plot about what retail is really all about?

Can we litigate against folk trying to destroy the very fabric of retail with unadulterated dross and also trying to get us to catch insanity? I am all for a class action to teach these heretics a stern lesson.

Stuart Bennie is a retail consultant at Impact Retailing and can be contacted at or 0414 631 702


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