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Podcast with Natasha Ritz, Lush

Inside Retail talks social media with the brand communications manager for cosmetics retailer, Lush.

Q&A with Kelly Simpson, head of social media, Birdsnest

Inside Retail talks trust, creativity and building engagement through social media with the online fashion retailer’s social media head.

Podcast with Gemma Fitzsimons, marketing manager, Foodco

Inside Retail discusses social media’s integration into broader marketing strategies, with the marketing manager for the Muffin Break, Jamaica Blue and Dreamy Donuts brands.

Podcast with Jake Rich, content creator and social media manager, Gelato Messina

Inside Retail talks social media and retail with the social media manager of the popular gelato chain, Gelato Messina.

Social media and customer complaints

Six key tips for handling customer complaints on social media.

Digital strategies and Australia’s millennial foodies: Part II

The second instalment of a three-part series on digital strategies for connecting with millennials.

The future of s-commerce

Brian Walker analyses the role of social commerce in establishing a major Chinese e-marketplace.

From customers to fans: The social media effect

Brian Walker on the role of social media in omnichannel retail.

Robotisation and the future of retail

Nicky Bryson asks, what does the ‘rise of the robots’ mean for retail?

The hidden power of social media

By monitoring social media retailers can pre-empt issues that impact turnover, says Stuart Bennie.