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POLL: Did 2019 meet your expectations?

We want to hear your thoughts on the past year.

Poll: Does your business help staff upskill?

Several retailers are now offering learning avenues for staff. Do you?

Poll: What do you do with your old store fitout after a redesign?

New store designs help retailers stay relevant, but what is the impact?

Poll: Are you feeling the effects of the trade war?

The US-China trade war is disrupting American retail, but what about you?

Poll: Do you have a loyalty program?

Are loyalty programs a nice-to-have, or must-have? We want to hear your thoughts.

Poll: Which July 1 change will most impact your business?

We want to know what will impact your business the most.

Poll: How would you describe your FY19 results?

As the 2018-19 year draws to a close, we want to know how your results are shaping up.

Poll: Is the checkout counter disappearing?

From scan-and-go payment apps to fully automated stores, the checkout is changing.

Poll: How are private labels impacting your business?

We want to hear how private label products are impacting your business.

Poll: What is your business doing to become more sustainable?

Have you embraced this trend?