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Why go back to normal?

Contributor Moensie Rossier makes the case for hanging onto your COVID workarounds.

Customer pay NFC

How to predict your customers’ needs post COVID-19

As stores start to open their doors its clear that the post Covid-19 retail world will be very different.

What all great stores have in common

The secret to a great shopping experience? Sense of place.

Online competition didn’t kill Jeanswest. Boring retail killed Jeanswest.

Our contributor takes a closer look at one of the larger administrations of January.

The forgotten metrics of retail

Big data may be the new oil, but our contributor wants you to spare a thought for all the metrics that came before.

To win the retail game, inventory losses are not an option

Loss prevention can help offset dips in profitability.

Are you ready for casual penalty rates to increase?

How to prep for the next stage of penalty rate increases on October 1.

True leadership is not a “yes” brigade

Opinion: A true leader should not be held to the old guard’s ways.

In the age of user-generated content, even negative reviews are useful

User-generated content has never been more important.

The reality of segmentation

Segmentation may be seen as the key to tapping into your key customers, but segments don’t walk through the door to buy – humans do.