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Specialty retailers the “standout performers”

Report: Aussie retailer chase volume and sales, at the expense of margins.

Deloitte: Discount trend to reverse

Post-Christmas sales look to be back in vogue as retailers’ optimism wanes.

Apparel retailing – where to from here?

Part two: Maybe retailers are the rats and the customers have conditioned us.

How to use data to unleash your retail superpowers

The days of collecting static data and feeling proud because of the large number of customers recorded in your database are over.

Why are retail analysts and media commentators so damn negative?

The stupidity meter hit an all time high last week when it was claimed a “retail recession” is upon us.

When you run out of retail highway

Just like traditional retailers run out of geography, eventually e-commerce will run out of new customers too.

Discount fatigue

It has been around for many years but is getting worse and now become endemic.

Where will margin end?

Stuart Bennie looks at the growing margin culture and asks ‘What are we breeding?”