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Myer appoints marketing and media leads

Department store bolsters customer facing management teams.

Coles bolsters management team

Coles appoints two new managers before demerger.

Bosses deserve to be happy at work too – here’s how

Happy managers generally have happy teams which helps create a positive work environment, study shows.

Specialty Fashion appoints ex-Myer deputy as new CEO

New chief straight into the deep end as earnings continue to decline.

The appeal of the ‘flat’ organisation – why some firms are getting rid of middle managers

The trend of “flat” organisations catches on at some of the world’s biggest companies.

Inherent leadership or micromanagement?

Precious few businesses tolerate, let alone encourage true leadership.

Can the grim reality of published pay ratios really curb executive pay?

There has always been something inherently grubby about the executive pay debate.

How to be a better leader – according to science

A look at how leadership behaviours and attitudes are diffused throughout the whole organisation.

M&S delivers – but is it too late?

When the iconic socks-to-sausage rolls retailer finally trials food deliveries this autumn, it will find out if that particular lucrative ship has sailed.

Who needs retail experts?

UK retail giants take a calculated risk with new bosses.