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What landlords assume about retailers

If you build the stage, who will come to act on it?

The future is local

Colourful streetscapes, courtyards, laneways and gardens are increasingly drawing consumers away from bland, cookie cutter monsters.

Leading the customer experience at the edge

Are today’s shopping centres being dumbed down?

Seven immutable truths of prosperous shopping centres

In the coming evolution of malls, there are a few self-evident truths to be considered.

Biggest US mall proposed

Call it retail-tainment, just don’t call American Dream Miami a mall.

Death of the mall

An individual mall may die like an individual car may crash; but ‘The Mall’ is no more dying than ‘The Car’ is dying.

Just how short sighted are some of our landlords?

The concept of free and open trade is a myth and big, global fashion brands are experts at exploiting every loophole possible.

Rundle Mall turns 40

Australia’s oldest pedestrian mall celebrates 40th anniversary today.

Mall sale lifts Lend Lease profit

Sale of upmarket UK shopping mall pays off for Lend Lease.

Perth’s malls to go smoke free

City of Perth becomes first council in WA to ban smoking in major pedestrian areas, including city malls.