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In the trenches on Black Friday

Jon Bird’s first hand account of one of the biggest shopping days in the US.

World’s best festive commercials

Jon Bird presents the best of this year’s Christmas advertising campaigns.

Subscribing to success

Jon Bird looks at the subscription models upsetting the status quo.

Can retail rescue a dying city?

Jon Bird asks, can retail revive a struggling US city?

The world’s most unique flagship

Jon Bird stumbles upon a hidden retail gem in California.

Cashing in on customer laziness

The single most motivating notion in retail today can be boiled down to a single word – ‘convenience’, says Jon Bird.

Here come the robots

In a world where humans are relatively expensive, robots in retail make sense, writes Jon Bird.

Shopping in Portlandia

Jon Bird takes a stroll around Portlandia, Oregon and uncovers some retail gems.

New wave of e-tail

A new trend emerges among e-tailers, US fashion brand heads to Sydney, while a local shopping centre trials Australian first technology.

The future of retail in beta

Jon Bird takes a look at what’s in store for the future of retail.