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‘No employees’ in workplace of future

Workers are living through the “last vestige of slavery”.

What would you do today if you knew what would happen in 17 years’ time?

Executives don’t really want to know what the future will be like.

Tracing the past for retail’s tomorrow

New research examines the key milestones in the evolution of customer experience to chart the store of tomorrow.

Building an omni-channel ‘fit’ retailer

Brian Walker delves into the rewired organisation.

Who is qualified?

Stuart Bennie looks at past predictions of retail trends and compares them to now.

Retailing in a violent society

Dennis Price postulates on the future of society and what that might mean for retailers.

Unfinished products

Ensuring what you sell is not complete without the consumer’s input is key to the future of retailing, says one expert.

The future shopper: They live among us

Jon Bird gazes into the crystal ball to show us a glimpse of the future shopper.

A nose for shoppers

Selfridges’ new retail experiment to show how customer habits, preferences, and tastes will be used in the future to develop personalised services and products.

The crystal ball is getting misty

Why the need for capital will change the retail landscape.