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Coles launches payment platform with Flybuys

Supermarket giant Coles has launched a new online payment method in conjunction with customer loyalty program Flybuys.

Coles now selling food on eBay

The supermarket is offering fresh food and pantry items on eBay.

CEO appointed for Flybuys

John Merakovsky has been appointed to the newly-created role.

Flybuys acquires rewards technology

Technology allows advertisers to access lock screen on customers’ phones.

Ebay brings Flybuys to platform in Wesfarmers deal

Retail conglomerate extends loyalty program to Australia’s largest marketplace.

Coles launches flybuys website

Retail giant launches dedicated travel website as part of loyalty scheme.

Group wants snail mail refund

FightBack urges those at the receiving end of Coles’ loyalty card blitz to return to sender in support of independent grocers.