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Taskforce recommends criminal penalties for wage theft

What to do with retailers when underpayment isn’t a mistake?

Labor Party seeks to redefine the rights of casual employees

Redefinition could strip industry of the protections already in place.

Casual workers receive pay raise ahead of busy Christmas period

The same penalty rates will soon apply to all workers.

It’s time to overhaul our complex awards system

Why it’s no surprise that Super Retail Group underpaid workers.

7-Eleven responds to accusations

Independent panel to be established to review underpayment claims.

Restaurant franchise grilled over pay

Owners of take away chain hit with $100,000 penalty after failing to back pay chef.

SDA, Fair Work join forces

Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association becomes first union to sign MoU.

Fish and chip shop caught cutting pay

Federal Court orders NSW fish and chip shop to fork out almost $200,000 for short paying staff.

Gloria Jean’s franchisee in hot water

Gloria Jean’s operator ordered to pay compensation to sacked worker.

Cafe in hot water over wages

Perth cafe deducts staff pay for burnt food.