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How does the Facebook inquiry relate to retail?

What can retailers learn from Facebook’s woes?

We need to look beyond dollars and assets to value Amazon, Facebook

Assessing companies in the modern world.

#DeleteFacebook is the start, not the end

Organisations use our personal data daily with impunity. So why are we so outraged now?

‘Big Tech’ isn’t one big monopoly – it’s 5 companies all in different businesses

Assess big “tech” companies at what they do rather than mythologizing them.

6 brand trends to watch in 2018

From the development of creative experiences to the rise of BFF marketing, here is what’s to come for retail brands this year.

Debunking the bunk on Amazon

Brian Walker asks if we can all please take a chill pill with regards to Amazon.

Facebook launches customer care feature for businesses

Social media giant taps into retailers and consumers with free new plugin.

The importance of measuring in-store actions from digital media

Both Google and Facebook are working feverishly to get there and are expected to announce developments in this area soon.

Smartphones the key driver for physical retailers

Effectively using the mobile internet to influence drive to store is key, says European tech entrepreneur.

Google, Facebook fall into line on tax, but eBay remains defiant

Multinationals start to bring revenue onshore to be taxed, eBay remains recalcitrant.