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Competitive advantage during global uncertainties

Despite significant global uncertainties at present, informed retailers can look forward to a strong FY16/17.

How the economic climate will impact retail in 2016

Five factors shaping the Aussie retail industry in 2016.

Aussie CEOs concerned about 2016 growth

Annual PricewaterhouseCoopers CEO survey reveals how many bosses are alarmed by ‘tough operating conditions.’

Rate hold disappoints ARA

Unchanged interest rates leaves ARA unhappy ahead of Christmas spending.

Economy the ‘main threat’ to retail

CFOs worry more about threats from economic conditions than their competition.

Dollar boosted by US jobs data

Dollar higher following release of solid US employment figures.

Dollar levels off

Dollar plateaus following strong rally as retail spending figures show signs of improvement.

Dollar lower as greenback rallies

Dollar slides as greenback gains ground on expectations of a June rate hike by US Federal Reserve.

Dollar drops on positive US economic data

Positive US economic news weighs on Australian currency.

Dollar builds momentum

Dollar rises, buoyed by weak US economic data.