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Death of the mall

An individual mall may die like an individual car may crash; but ‘The Mall’ is no more dying than ‘The Car’ is dying.

Catalogues: customers love them shiny and easy to handle

Sponsored: survey reveals the aspects that matter to Australian shoppers.

Purpose beyond profit

Giving ‘one per cent of profits’ doesn’t mean much to consumers.

Why consumers fall for ‘sales’, but companies may be using them too much

Research shows discounts become less effective as more products are put on sale.

Debt and Amazon: a perfect storm

Consumers with less to spend naturally seek out the lowest prices possible – something that bloated traditional retailers simply can’t compete on.

Understanding the conscious consumer

“Consumers don’t just want to buy stuff; they want to wear stuff that represents their values”.

Consumer confidence bounces back

Confidence up despite global political uncertainty.

The disappointing aftermath of Christmas

Cautious consumers chose to save their pennies during the festive season, gifting retailers with few sales over the holiday period.

The Business of Giving Back: unlocking profit with purpose

Sponsored: Did you know 93 per cent of today’s consumers prefer to buy from brands that give back?

Retail growth to slow in lead up to Christmas

Year on year retail trade growth expected to soften in December quarter.