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Meagre Christmas returns or festive cheer ahead?

Poll: Should retailers be buoyed by the latest ABS data, ahead of the crucial Christmas trading period?

Retail spending rises in August

Retail sales ramping up as Christmas approaches, according to latest ABS figures.

ARA: deflation sucks value from retail

Australia’s ‘weakest’ inflation rise since 1999 has ARA concerned.

National retail spending’s ‘soft’ rise in April

Latest ABS figures shows competition among supermarkets is deflating sector.

Retail sales hold steady

“Things are continuing to head in the right direction,” says NRA after latest ABS figures.

Aussie retail’s December 2015 rise

Latest Australian Bureau of Statistics results reveal retailers ‘modest’ rise last December.

Australian retail spending rises in November 2015

Retail figures indicate strong finish for 2015, says NRA.

September spending spree

Rising house prices and new smartphones tempt Australians out of spending hibernation.

Late winter gives retailers chills

Unseasonably warm weather chills department store sales.

Tills continue to ring

Australian retailers will be happy to see yet another impressive growth in official year on year retail sales.