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How to overcome the imposter syndrome

There are some established techniques to quell your inner doubts.

Where to for the shopping centre industry?

Michael Baker highlights eight key findings from the International Council of Shopping Centers’ latest industry report.

Can consultants fire their clients?

Doing these things could lead to your consultant firing you.

The 7 deadly sins of retailing

It is beneficial to take the time to diagnose the failings in one’s retail business, says Dennis Price.

Blurred lines

It’s time for retailers to live where consumers live – in the blurred lines, writes Peter James Ryan.

Learnings from the world’s best CEO

Dennis Prices explains the success behind one of the world’s top CEOs.


Stuart Bennie on the impact of employee sick days.

Merchant mentality

Dennis Price discusses the key difference between a good retailer and an average retailer.

How not to be wrong

The most underutilised report among fashion retailers is the post seasonal analysis report, says Stuart Bennie.

15 ways to improve customer service

Dennis Price’s 15 tips to radically improve customer service.