Panasonic offers safe shopping solution to combat Covid

With the global pandemic changing the course of our grocery shopping experience, shoppers have been demanding a solution to keep them safe and their food-safe, while collecting their online purchases. Gone are the days we can simply walk into a store to pick up a single item. But now we are faced with restrictions and safety measures that must be adhered to, else we risk bigger implications. 

Hussmann, a Panasonic company, has been providing leading industry solutions for decades and continues today with Contactless Delivery Solution. The all-in-one refrigerated and heated smart locker is the new grocery shopping experience that makes it easier for your business to stay safe by eliminating in-store occupancy congestion, long lines due to adhering to social distancing regulations, and more.

What is the Contactless Delivery Solution? Imagine another day heading to your business. But it isn’t just another day is it? —you wear a mask, pack your hand sanitiser, put on your comfortable shoes, and head out. 

Yet again, you see that everyone had the same idea to go to the store during rush hours, and there is a line extending outside. Unfortunately, you know there is no way around it because you want to adhere to the space occupancy due to COVID restrictions.

So, how do you keep up with customer demands and business operations slowing down? How do we expect to keep COVID numbers down, when crowds keep forming? With Contactless Delivery Solution, your business can save on labour costs by quickening operational speed and improving your customer’s shopping experience.

Moreover, you can offer your customers multiple locations for pickup services, not just the storefront.

Contactless Delivery Solution by Panasonic, smart locker designed to live indoors or outdoors offers four major temperature components: heated, freezer, chiller and ambient.

This Delivery Solution eliminates customers waiting in long lines by offering the option to opt-in for various location pickups at their convenience. The locations could be, but not limited to, gas stations, apartment lobbies, office complex, shopping malls, school campuses, airports, train and bus stations.

Contactless Delivery Solution provides a suitable option for customers to pick up their packages whenever due to individualised temperature-controlled units. Smart locker keeps perishable items and freshly made warm meals at the desired temperature. Have a small, medium, or large customer base? —no worries! Contactless Delivery Solution’s dimensions are customisable fitted into your desirable locations using a modular design that allows you to expand as your business grows.  If you don’t have an e-commerce platform? Panasonic can equip you with a plug-and-operate solution that is seamlessly upgradeable to the Cloud for future scalability.

The shopping experience begins with the customer placing their orders. Their order gets prepared, then placed inside the smart locker by delivery staffers. Customers then receive a notification to their phone, informing them their order is ready for pickup. Now your customers have the flexibility to retrieve their orders without excessive contact! —keeping them safe and secure. Are you ready to explore this innovative solution and enhance your customer’s shopping experience?

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