ADVERTORIAL: Why should I use the cloud?

cloud copyCloud computing is an innovative service that provides a wide range of benefits for small, medium and large businesses. Utilizing cloud services enables your organization to increase its work efficiency while reducing costs. This scalable solution allows you to adjust the service to meet your changing needs and provides access to technology.

Storing Data

Cloud servers quickly synchronise files across various devices, including smartphones, tablets and workstations. Several people can access, edit and collaborate on a single document or file. This eliminates the need to download and transfer files using thumb drives and email attachments or track which physical storage device has the latest version. The best cloud storage makes it easier to integrate diverse electronic devices. Cloud servers and services can be easily and quickly added, which provides a degree of flexibility that would be difficult for many organizations to provide in-house. The flexibility and scalability of the cloud ensures that organizations are not limited to on-site resources.


By storing information in the cloud, members of your organization can easily access and share information instantly from any location that has an Internet connection. This helps to enhance productivity in an ever-increasing mobile business environment. Whether employees need to share one document or several files, the cloud provides the ability to share the data with just a few clicks. Storing information in the cloud with EMC is an ideal choice as it provides an added layer of protection for your important and irreplaceable files. Backup versions are stored in secure locations that are physically removed from the originals. This makes it easier to recover your data in the event of a hard-drive failure or a natural disaster because the data is stored online rather than onsite.

Data Security

EMC data storage centers go to great lengths to protect your organization’s sensitive information. The cloud is often a more secure option than storing data locally. Online storage centers encrypt data during transmission and when the information is at rest. By protecting data throughout its entire lifecycle, information can be used safely across the entire enterprise without the requirement to encrypt and decrypt the information each time it enters a separate IT environment. This added level of encryption restricts access to files by unauthorized users. Cloud storage also ensures that confidential client and workforce information are being maintained in accordance with the latest rules and regulations. In addition to eliminating the need to maintain a compliance department, it reduces the risks and potential fines associated with a data breach or compliance failure.

Other Cost Efficiencies

The cloud offers organizations the potential for cost savings and efficiencies. Online storage is more cost-effective because the service eliminates the need to purchase and maintain the required IT infrastructure in-house. Storing data online reduces the costs associated with backing up essential data on a regular basis. The savings can be redirected to other areas of the business. Cloud computing also provides the ability to capture, monitor and control usage for accurate billing and budget planning.

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