Randy Fox reveals Valentine’s Day buying habits

Sales of sex toys and adult novelties continue to skyrocket in the lead up to Valentine’s Day 2021 according to Randy Fox, one of Australia’s largest online adult toy stores. According to aggregated statistical data from Randy Fox looking at sale trends and purchasing from customers year on year, spend in the lead up to Valentine’s Day this year was up nearly 30% from last year. 

Having sold over half a million adult pleasure products since 2009, Randy Fox recently expanded its distribution to all locations worldwide. Chief Operations Officer at Randy Fox, Chris Joseph, shared that since the global pandemic started and lockdown restrictions were implemented, online sales have increased up to 40% and continued to do so on Valentine’s day this year. “We’re definitely noticing that Valentine’s Day sales this year have been the strongest they have ever been”, Joseph said. “I think it is a culmination of people shopping more online to pass their time, as well as people having more chance to spend time alone or with their partners. We have certainly seen the trend in our industry, with growth in the past year for online sales the largest it has ever been.”

Randy Fox also revealed that the number of queries they received from first time customers via their online contact mediums, asking to know more about sex toys had increased too. Also of note was that customers had branched out from the classic vibrators and strokers which are the more familiar types of sex toys. The percentage of shoppers purchasing BDSM and couple’s specific toys had increased significantly. Innovative and high-tech adult toys have also started to become a favourite among couples; especially those who are in long-distance relationships. Remote and Smart Phone controlled sex toys offer interactive sex for people who cannot be physically together. These pleasure toys have become more appealing during the lockdowns as they provide a real-time experience via Smart Phone applications. 

In a recent statistical analysis, Randy Fox shared that 43% of their shoppers were married couples whilst single and or dating individuals represented 27.06%. “This data shows how people are becoming more open to trying new things in bed. It is interesting to know that adult toys have become more mainstream with the stigma around them dissipating,” Joseph added. “The convenience and discreetness of online shopping encourages people to try out pleasure toys without fear of judgment or ridicule.”

It has been predicted that sex toy sales will continue to surge well into 2021 and beyond, with the multibillion-dollar industry growing at almost 10% year on year according to some estimates. Joseph is optimistic that more people will become less bashful and embarrassed in trying out new things to spice up their sex life. He shared that Randy Fox will continue to observe trends and data from their surveys and analysis.