Uproar over IGA closure

A remote rural NSW town is in uproar after its only supermarket selling fresh food suddenly closed on Monday.

Wilcannia’s closest supermarket is now in the town of Broken Hill two hours away.

It is unclear if or when the IGA will re-open, with a Fair Trading investigation underway and the NSW Premier now involved.

An emergency food supplies van came to the town from Broken Hill yesterday offering residents supplies like vegetables, fruit, eggs, milk, bread, and meat.

Fairfax is reporting that the van sold out of two-thirds of its stock within two hours.

Wilcannia is a small town with a population of 800 people in the North West corner of NSW.

As recently as two weeks ago, the NSW Fair Trading Minister told ABC Radio he was alarmed by the high prices charged at the local supermarket.

“I can certainly say that I was very disturbed and quite alarmed,” he said.

Various Indigenous affairs spokespeople have been vocally arguing for food security for the town’s residents, many of which are of Aboriginal decent.

The opposition spokesperson for Aboriginal affairs, Barbara Perry, said the town needs a food co-operative.


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