Uniqlo, Disney unveil retail flagship

rsz_disnet-uniqlo-toyJapanese clothing retailer Uniqlo, in partnership with Disney Consumer Products will open the first ‘Magic for All’ concept store, within its Shanghai global flagship on September 27.

Occupying the fifth floor of the largest Uniqlo store in the world, the collaborative initiative aims to ‘surprise and delight customers of all ages’ beginning at the store entrance where a 180cm tall Mickey Mouse statue and 100 Mickey Mouse figurines await.

The store will range a new line of LifeWear apparel featuring characters from Disney; Marvel; Pixar; and Star Wars.

Approximately 1140sqm, the store features wall monitors where Disney characters will be seen flying from screen to screen and an automatic selfie area. When a customer shouts ‘Mickey’ toward the lens of a digital camera, the moment is captured and a digital image can be sent to the customer’s mobile device as a memento of the visit.

A ‘future’ area will also be installed, showcasing Uniqlo’s range of apparel and a custom T-shirt design service to enable customers to add personal touches to items of clothing.

Uniqlo began its relationship with Disney Consumer Products in 2009, with the introduction of its first line of UTs (Uniqlo T-shirts) featuring iconic Disney characters, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Entrance to Uniqlo China

Entrance to the Magic for All store within Uniqlo 

Hey Mickey! Shout 'Mickey ' to capture a selfie

Hey Mickey! Shout ‘Mickey’ to capture a selfie

"Colorful Fairy Tale realm for little princesses"

“Colourful fairytale realm for little princesses”

UT factory

UT factory to customise clothing 


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