Tim Tam teams up


zumboTim Tam has teamed up with Australian celebrity chef Adriano Zumbo to target occasional buyers.

Arnott’s mass market chocolate biscuit brand will release three limited edition flavours with Zumbo.

Susanna Polycarpou, marketing director of Arnott’s, told Inside Shopper the campaign is about targeting “light” buyers.

“New flavours are a proven growth driver for the chocolate biscuit category and this has been successful for Tim Tam in the past.

“[The] limited edition Adriano Zumbo creations [are] expected to attract light buyers and drive incremental sales for the category.”

Arnott’s has been increasingly focused on flavour twists for its Tim Tam range, which first launched in 1964 as a plain chocolate flavour.

It has also been pushing snack size portions, and last year debuted a Chocolicious range, which is marketed as small chocolate bites.

Inside Shopper understands that sales of Chocolicious have been poor since its October launch.

Zumbo’s three part range is also sold as a treat pack and sells for just RRP$1.89.

It launches in major supermarkets in March and features brownie, salted caramel, and raspberry white chocolate variants.

Tim Tam says the range is inspired by Zumbo’s “whimsical take on desserts”.

The Sydney-based pastry chef has garnered celebrity status since 2010 in part due to cooking show, MasterChef.

Arnott’s says Australians consume a whopping 45 million packs of Tim Tams every year.



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  1. Tom posted on February 25, 2014

    I love it how before these chefs get any sort of celebrity they are saying "its all about the love of it and the food" then along comes a cash cow and its sell out time, what a joke!

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