Supermarket embraces omnichannel retail with integrated ERP and POS

P. Meghji Trading Limited (PMTL) is one of Fiji’s leading wholesalers and retailers of liquor and grocery products. With over 100 employees, the company operates a 70,000-square foot warehouse and several retail outlets, including three liquor stores and a high-end supermarket.

PMTL was looking for an integrated ERP and Point of Sale (POS) solution to deliver omnichannel capabilities to its retail outlets. The company also needed to integrate in-store and head-office business processes into a single, unified system. As its stores operated as individual units, data wasn’t integrated, so management lacked end-to-end visibility of inventory and sales.

To overcome these challenges, PMTL chose an integrated ERP and POS solution consisting of Sage300cloud with iVend Retail. This was the only integrated solution that could support the company’s ambitious expansion plans, which included an e-commerce venture.

The solution helped PMTL integrate in-store and head-office business processes and data. At the head office, the finance team has minimised manual data entry and they can now track sales, deliveries and stock in real-time. In store, staff can easily design the POS receipt and report layouts.

They can easily manage promotions and gift certificates, which wasn’t possible with their previous software, and can also access complete customer details, track all customer contacts and purchasing preferences, plus launch targeted promotions, offers, and personalised campaigns.

With Sage 300cloud and iVend Retail, PMTL can now easily expand into new markets and launch omnichannel projects, including an eCommerce store and integrated loyalty program. The company can offer the same pricing and product information across all sales channels. It also benefits from improved inventory management and reduced costs thanks to a single stock pool providing visibility of inventory across all locations.

Eremasi Matanatabu, COO of PMTL, said: “iVend Retail and Sage 300cloud have breathed new life into our retail ecosystem. We are happy to have a true omnichannel solution featuring in-built loyalty management, coupons, and gift card functionality. iVend also prepares us to go online with complete integration to in-store systems.

“Additionally, iVend has helped with our data issues and improved our overall business practices.”

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