Scentre Group and CBA partner on offers

WestfieldCommonwealth Bank customers who shop at Westfield Hornsby in Sydney will be the first to use a new pilot program which sends offers to their smartphone based on their location.

Scentre Group is testing the new CommBank Offers app at Hornsby, which will present timely and relevant offers to customers who have an iPhone 5 or above who have opted-in to receive offers.

There is strong initial enthusiasm from retailers, with 20 speciality stores at Westfield Hornsby signed up to the pilot including Chemmart, InBloom Florists, Shores Restaurant and various food retailers within the centre. Majors including Myer, McDonalds and Country Road are also participating.

Bill Burton, Scentre Group’s GM Brandspace, said the new pilot at Westfield Hornsby is an example of innovation through partnership to enrich the shopping experience at Westfield.

“We are always looking for new ways to support our retailers and excite our shoppers. Our always-on approach to digital innovation, like the new smartscreen network and national roll-out of free wi-fi, allows us to trial entirely new ways to deliver relevant and timely offers to shoppers,” Burton said.

“The CommBank App pilot at Westfield Hornsby creates a channel for our retailers to talk to their customers at the right place and the right time with both retailers and shoppers realising the benefits. The initial enthusiasm from specialties and major retailers to participate in the pilot is encouraging and we look forward to on-boarding more retailers in due course.

“We’re pleased to partner with innovators like CommBank to open up new marketing opportunities for our retailers and give more value to those shoppers who opt-in,” Burton said.

CommBank Offers app

CommBank Offers app

Angus Sullivan, executive GM, retail products and strategy, Commonwealth Bank, said the mobile wallet is continuing to grow in popularity as Australians enjoy the convenience of accessing their finances, loyalty and offers on-the-go.

“The mobile phone has emerged as the new gateway to banking for millions of Australians,” he said.

“With more than 3.9 million unique customers with the CommBank app, we wanted to create a more advanced shopping experience which offers value beyond making payments or checking a balance.

“New innovations like the CommBank offers app, along with the loyalty feature in the CommBank app, offer customers the convenience and ease of keeping their loyalty cards and special offers safe and secure on their mobile device. Customers can now hit the shops with just their mobile, and enjoy a more personalised experience at the same time,” Sullivan said.

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  1. Michael Baker posted on October 13, 2015

    This is now the Holy Grail of the shopping centre industry. The success of this kind of mobile marketing will depend critically on two factors: (1) how many of these marketing pitches are sent to each customer, and (2) how relevant they are. Presumably CBA/Scentre believe that the customer's proximity to a store is sufficient to ensure relevance (since the mobile phone is being tracked through the shopping centre, revealing the location of the carrier). But the issue of what shoppers' tolerance thresholds are for this kind of marketing remains to be seen. Imagine most or every retailer in the mall signs on. I can see customers getting inundated with nuisance messages and hitting the 'opt out' button really quickly. If it is done tastefully and controlled well I can see it being a winner, but there will be a lot of fine-tuning along the way.

  2. Greg Turner posted on October 14, 2015

    You raise some very good points Michael. Relevance is the key here, and I am not convinced that proximity is sufficient as an indicator. What the offer engine needs are data points on previous transaction patterns of the individual, or at least enough information to establish affinity models with high degrees of corellation, to target without becoming spam. That is where the CBA partnership will prove valuable to the success.

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