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Chilli Beans flagship brazil“You have all the reason in the world to achieve your grandest dreams.Imagination plus innovation equals realisation.” – Denis Waitley

While innovations in retail are exciting (and risky), the biggest changes from a volume perspective occur when retailers attempt to reinvigorate mature businesses.

Innovation is occurring as existing retail businesses look for new ways to remain relevant to their consumers. ‘Retailvention’ cases demonstrate how a concept can change through the addition of new categories or services or simply a more dramatic way to showcase assortments.

On our journey to judging the best practice cases for the Ebeltoft Retail Innovations 9 study, we came across a number of fit retailers who are literally shattering the tried and true methods of distribution and selling.

Cases in retailvention and verticality break new ground in creating business models, whether they’re savvy startups or the world’s largest companies. Their new models force you to rethink the very nature of what retailing can be.

IR Blog - Chilli Beans Customisation ZoneBest Practice Retailvention:


Chilli Beans’ business strategy focuses on fast fashion, selling exclusively through its own channels. Every week, the brand releases 10 new models of sunglasses, watches, and opticals, mixing its own designs with designer collaborations.

Latin America’s largest accessories franchise specialising in eyewear, Chilli Beans has more than 640 global points of sale in Brazil, Colombia, US, Portugal, Peru and Kuwait. Its retail presence includes an online shop, bricks and mortar stores, kiosks, and pop up shops.

The flagship store – an experience destination portal

Format:                    Flagship store

Opening:                  2013

Size of store:          640sqm

Points of innovation:

  • Custom glasses in less than 30 minutes
  • Interactive panels connected to social networks
  • New collections every week, always promoted by strong advertising campaigns
  • Out of store experiences instore that drive imagination and interaction
  • Exclusive previews only available in the flagship store
  • Unique kids space

IR Blog - Chilli Beans Flagship Kids SpaceChilli Beans’ flagship store is, in the company’s words, “the maximum expression of its concept”.  Located at a fashionable Brazil address, this is one flagship store that goes beyond both a store and an experience.  I would go so far as to call it a destination experience.  Far from just being a shop, it is also an art gallery, custom station, stage for shows and events, meeting place, and a portal for the brand’s worldwide activities.

Fit retail is all in the detail

As a brand, Chilli Beans is based on a dynamic concept and a true connection with the customer. Once inside the Chilli Beans’ flagship, you’ll find a fun, energetic space that’s laid back. It features inviting displays, a huge variety of products, mirrored areas, and interactive panels.

Customers are encouraged to experiment with the products while sharing with their friends on social networks; thereby expanding the brand’s reputation (the brand currently has more than one million followers on Facebook).  With the ability to custom make your own sunglasses in under 30 minutes, the store makes waiting time a pleasure as it’s full of surprises, which in turn delights.

The store size stimulates shoppers to experience the energy of the brand, allowing them to be in the store without the feeling of being in a store. As an experience destination, the flagship offers excitement and conveniences that encourage customers to stay in the store, such as a stage for shows and events, breakfast from a renowned franchise of Sao Paulo City, a beer machine between the glasses’ displays, space for exposure to new collections, and much more.

Purchasing products from the Chilli Beans flagship is the ultimate and memorable experience for customers of the brand.

Happy Fit Retailing,

Brian Walker

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Chilli Beans Flagship Interior


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