Radio Rentals owner to defend claim

radio rentals

The Thorn Group, owner of Radio Rentals, has confirmed it has been served a class action claim in relation to its home appliance rental unit’s “past lending practices”.

Yesterday, news broke out Radio Rentals is facing a class action accused of “unfair and unconscionable practices” that has hurt up to 200,000 customers to the tune of up to $50 million.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers principal Ben Slade claims the Thorn Group-owned company’s “Rent, Try $1 Buy” scheme is misleading and has led to customers paying up to seven times the true retail cost of home appliances they have rented.

“Here we have a national company that deals with vulnerable people promising them one thing but signing them up to another, at a much higher price than is reasonable,” he said in a statement.

The company said it would defend the claim in the ordinary course of the class action process. They added they will update the market if there are any further material developments.

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  1. John Terry posted on April 4, 2017

    Now that I have seen this I am ashamed to have any thing to do with Radio Rentals when they do these sought of thing to people with a disability shame sham how can Radio Rentals can do that sought of thing do the right thing and fix his mobile phone with out charge

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